The Line Between Friendship and Obsession


“True friendship comes when silence between two people feels safe.” – Dave Tyson Gentry “Friendship requires great communication.” – Saint Francis de Sales Here are some awesome love and friendship quotes from famous people, that are ideal for some of followers handmade greeting cards in which you make! It is great hobby and it spreads sunshine and Good Karma around when you give these cards to guys and women! “He does good to himself who’d good to his girly friend.”

– Erasmus “Friendship day photos is actually definitely an art, and very few persons are born by using a natural gift for it.” – Kathleen Norris My name is Father Time, of and I am a self help writer and speaker as well as a writer of Greeting Card Verses! The act of sending someone a card is such a wonderful way to show them that you care! Always send cards and anyone make your own, well listen that is even very much better! “If you judge people, you don’t time to love them.”

– Mother Teresa “Two things only a man cannot hide: that he or she is drunk and that he’s in love.” – Antiphanes “You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.” – Barbara DeAngelis “Love is really a game that two plays and both win.” – Eva Gabor You know, I have an eBook Of Really Good Card Verses.I

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